Waterford, VT

I love when people (especially couples) tell me how awkward they are in front of the camera and then they completely nail their session. This was no exception for these two ladies. They were full of laughs, smiles and apologies for being so goofy. I kept telling them that they were doing a great job and to please keep laughing and being "awkward" because it not only comes off genuine in the photos, but it represents who they are as a couple and the love they share with one another.

I haven't yet blogged an engagement session and this was the perfect one to be my first! I offer a complimentary engagement session in all of my wedding packages. This is a great way for me to get to know my couples, for them to become comfortable in front of my camera and to just get acquainted with each other before their big day.

Tarah and Ashley are tying the knot on September 5th of this year on Ashley's family farm in Waterford, Vermont. It will be scaled down from their original plans due to Covid-19 but nonetheless they are determined to still make it special. I have no doubt that their day will be beautiful and I cannot wait to get more wonderful pictures of them! They were so much fun to be around <3