Lauren + Matthew

With everything going on in the world of 2020, the wedding industry all over the country and the world were hit tremendously hard. From photographers to florists, venues and dj's, this year has been hard to say the least for so many of us. Not only for those of us whose livelihoods were at stake, but couples had to make sacrifices and decisions that they never thought they would have to make.

Large weddings turned into small, back yard celebrations, others postponed to next year in hopes things will return to more of a normalcy, and some even cancelled their plans all together. Regardless of the circumstances, love shone through time and time again and I think we all realized that love cannot be stopped, even during a worldwide pandemic. Everyone made a decision that worked best for them and their vision.

Lauren and Matt were one of my couples who kept their original date and plans as much as possible. They were supposed to be my 5th wedding of the season, but they turned into my first! They both got ready at their new home they bought together earlier in the year. Lauren had this gorgeous, insanely huge mirror in the bedroom that made for some really awesome shots.

After Lauren got dressed, she video called some family members who were not able to make it to their wedding due to health reasons, and they were the firsts to see how beautiful she looked. We then did a first look with her and her bridesmaids, then her and Matt's first look, family formals and bridal party photos in the front yard. They weren't able to have their large guest list at their venue, but they were still able to have their Catholic ceremony in their church as originally planned. The change of plans let us utilize the time after the ceremony to head up to Owl's Head (which is where we shot their engagement session), and we did more portraits at the top of the mountain. It was really nice to have this time to have a lot of fun and get some really great shots that we wouldn't have been able to get had their original wedding taken place.

After Owl's Head we went back to their home in Danville where they invited their most closest family and friends to have dinner, donuts, treats and drinks and dancing. Lauren made the wedding cake herself, and even finished putting it together after we got back from the mountain. It was such a homey, relaxing vibe and honestly was pretty perfect in it's own way. I especially enjoyed watching Lauren's grandmother and bridesmaids breaking it down to Lil John's "Get Low"

We ended the night with a sparkler send off and it was a great way to end my day of coverage. I was so thrilled to be a part of their celebrations and to witness the two of them becoming husband and wife, and I that they still chose to get married this year. What better than 30 years from now telling your grandkids that you got married in 2020. It's a year going down in history! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from this wonderful day.