Sure, everyone has a camera now-a-days and yeah, phones can take some pretty awesome pictures too. But nothing will beat the craft and care like hiring a professional photographer for your biggest and most cherished moments in your time on Earth, passed down through each generation to come. Preserve your life memories now and always! Whether you are engaged, getting married, starting a family, needing a self confidence boost or simply wanting to update your family photos year after year - you will never regret documenting these life moments with a high quality, professional photographer!

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What do you specialize in?

I am investing the majority of my time and photography shooting weddings, couples, families and portraits. I love doing the occasional boudoir session as well (whether to make yourself feel good or as a gift for a significant other/spouse). The only thing is I don't have my own studio, so the cost of a space is left up to my client. I have experience shooting at a variety of indoor locations found on Airbnb as well as a couple of the more luxurious hotels in my area.

Will you book a micro wedding?

I LOVE micro weddings! What is a micro wedding you may ask? It's not an elopement but it's also not a full wedding day either. This would consist of 20 people give or take, no bridesmaids or groomsmen. Maybe you want to rent a beautiful log cabin in Stowe with your immediate family and a couple of your closest friends for a long weekend! You would only need a maximum of 4 hours of coverage to shoot details, getting ready, ceremony, family and portraits.

I am in love with these small weddings because they are so laid back and it's more intimate and private. It also allows me much more time for portraits than I normally get to have during a full wedding day when there are so many different moments and people to capture.

Depending on the time of year I will absolutely book these types of weddings on a weekday or Sunday if it is during the busy season (June through October here in Vermont). I keep Saturdays open for full day wedding coverage.

Should we do a first look?

There are a lot of different opinions on this and honestly it depends on the dynamics of your wedding day.
The busier the wedding then yes, always yes. It allows for so much more flexibility throughout the day for photos. We can get a lot done before the ceremony, which means more time that you get to have to enjoy a cocktail hour with your guests, rather than busy taking the photos of all the family, wedding party and portraits. There are other benefits to it too like fresh hair and make-up, getting to see each other and have more time together before the ceremony and getting any jitters out of the way.

Ultimately, this is your decision as a couple and if you want to keep it traditional and keep the anticipation until the ceremony, that is more than okay too!

Do I have to order prints through you?

You can if you would like, but I release print and social media rights to all of my clients. To insure a good quality on items such as canvas, metal print, albums or USB's, I do recommend going through your photographer for those needs. For basic lustre or glossy prints, I do not recommend printing from a drugstore or Walmart as they tend to ruin the colors. Never select the option to color correct your images when ordering from an online printing lab. Online labs I use are Mpix and Nations Photo Lab. I have had great product and service when ordering through them!

What is your turnaround time for photos?

For weddings September through October, my turn around time for full galleries is up to 90 days. I always deliver an abundant amount of sneak peeks within 48-72 hours after each wedding. Weddings June-August can typically expect their full galleries to be ready within 60 days. Any weddings that take place during non-peak season (November - May) can expect their full galleries within 30 days or less!

Hour long sessions can expect their full gallery within 2 weeks but during the busy season it is usually up to a month.

Do you shoot destination weddings or elopements?

That would be a definite YES! I am more than ecstatic to travel *most* places for an additional fee. The fee would include the travel expenses such as airfare/lodging/car rental.

What kind of gear do you use?

I am a Canon girl! On wedding days I shoot with two mirrorless cameras and a variety of prime lenses. I use a speed light for indoor and reception photos once natural light is limited and it starts to get dark.

Should I have two photographers at my wedding?

This all depends on the dynamic of the wedding day and how busy it will be.

In my opinion, I can and have handled most weddings on my own and have not felt the need for a second photographer to be there. I do shoot with two cameras at a time, with a different lens on each camera. This allows me to capture an abundant amount of photographs that look different from one camera to the other. I move around a lot during the ceremony (providing it's at least 10 minutes or more) to get different angles and perspectives.

The only times when I highly recommend having a second photographer (one whom I hire and bring with me) is if you are having a very large wedding. What does a large wedding look like? In my professional experience, if you are having a bridal party with more than 14 people and a guest list of more than 150 people, having a second photographer makes things run a lot smoother. A lot more can get done in a shorter amount of time when there is a second photographer, as I cannot be everywhere at once (I wish I could!)

The overall benefits to having a second photographer is more final images delivered, more angles and perspectives, and probably most important is less time to make during the day for photos as multiple things can be happening at once.

How many photos do you deliver?

This all depends but over the last several years I am very confident in my quality and quantity of final images delivered. I do not limit the number of images I deliver for any wedding or session however, I can guarantee an amount that there would be no less than.

For wedding days when it is just me and for an 8 hour wedding, I deliver no less than 800 images but usually it's anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 photos. It all depends on your details, bridal party (or not), family formals and how much portrait time you dedicate into your timeline.

For one hour family sessions, I deliver no less than 80 photos but most sessions range from 125 to 250 photos. Again, it all depends on how cooperative kids are being, how many people are involved and how many combinations/poses we do together.

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