The Barn at Top of the World - Derby, VT

So many great things to say about this beautiful wedding! The minute I turned onto the road that lead me to this gorgeous barn venue my mouth dropped. The road was lined with apple trees galore and as soon as I reached the top, the view opened up and I was in awe. I could have spent hours walking around the entirety of the property scouting spots for pictures. I mean, the whole scene was just that amazing!

I am not from this part of Vermont and I do not make my way north of the Burke area too often, so it was nice to be in the presence of this wonderful view. Lake Memphremagog, if you don't know and are not aware of, is a glacial lake located between Newport, Vermont and Magog, Quebec. It spans Vermont and Quebec but mostly Quebec, and it is a stunner of a lake! This venue could not be in a more beautiful location and I can only hope I get the chance to photograph more weddings here in the future.

Desirae was getting ready in one of her bridesmaid's house which had the most insane view of Lake Memphremagog. Her bridesmaid Hilarie and her husband Todd own the barn and also own the restaurant Pie to Pasta in Derby, which also caters all of the weddings here - and it was so delicious!

There were many special parts to the Bascetta wedding but one of the most special aspects was Desirae's wedding dress, which had been worn by 3 generations of women - Desirae now making the 4th woman to wear it. It was this cute, vintage lace dress with quarter length sleeves. She paired it with pointed toed flats and minimal jewelry, but I especially loved her philtrum piercing. She looked so simply beautiful.

The next special touch to the wedding was Desirae's bouquet, which included three tiny framed pictures of her mother, grandmother and great grandmother, all on their wedding day and all wearing the same dress. It was such a special touch - I love when people can continue traditions!

We did a first look with her and Steven - just the two of them and myself, which was nice to have some alone time before the busyness of the day began. We weren't quite sure what the weather was going to do as it was very windy and cloudy - it almost looked like it was going to rain at any moment but it never did! In fact the sun peaked through the clouds later on in the day, making the view even more incredible and picturesque.

After the ceremony and their first dances, Desirae changed out of her vintage dress and into a white jumpsuit (which I was totally unaware of so when I saw her I was like "Dang girl - you look awesome!" and I made her and Steven take some more portraits, and then also made her and her bridesmaids take some more fun photos (some of my favorites to this day) in the tall brown grass.

The inside of the barn was beautiful with the two levels, the beautiful glass garage-like doors and windows, and the string lights tied the whole space together. I absolutely adored this wedding and the more I look through their gallery, the more it becomes one of my top favorite weddings I have photographed. I hope you all enjoy looking at their photos as much as I do!