Waterford, Vermont

Laura reached out to me in late summer 2020 to inquire about wedding photography for her and Ben's wedding set to take place on August 14th at The Little Farm on Willoughby. We immediately hit it off over the phone and once they reserved their wedding date we met up at a family home in Waterford for their engagement session. They live in Massachusetts but have the cutest story of how they met and how they have known each other since they were kids, both growing up visiting Vermont with their families.

There are just those people who the camera really really loves. I pride myself on delivering all of my clients with high quality images that are unique to them and their story. I would be lying if I said some sessions didn't come out better than others. It really is all about how comfortable you are, loosening up those limbs and just having a good time, being yourselves and forgetting the camera is there. These two nailed their session - I mean, the photos speak for themselves but I swear these two could be models if they wanted to! We had so much fun and I am so unbelievably excited to photograph their wedding day this year. I hope you all enjoy these photos just as much as I do - the love that shines through is indescribable!