The Inn at Mountain View Farm - East Burke, VT

When I tell you that I was so excited for this wedding, it's definitely not an exaggeration. I couldn't believe that after only one and a half years of photographing weddings, an amazing couple found me and I was given the opportunity to shoot a wedding here. And the fact that it is so local to me was even better (we actually have several amazing wedding venues up here in the Northeast Kingdom!)

I do not quite remember how Mandy found me, but I could not be any more grateful that she did! From day one, she was so enthusiastic and kind about the booking process and the wedding planning. Let me also preface by saying that literally ALL of my brides (since they are the ones I communicate with 99.9% of the time) have all been amazing. I am so lucky to have had the pleasure of working for so many beautiful and kind women (and their spouses!)

We first met on a Sunday back in September 2018 for their engagement session, and where better to do that session than at their future wedding venue! It was a beautiful early fall afternoon and the sun was in full force. The leaves had not yet started changing, but you could feel it in the air that it was right around the corner. Their engagement session went perfectly and Mandy and Scott were happily and joyfully in love. The way Scott looked at Mandy was so heart melting - I could tell she was the twinkle in his eyes!

Their big day finally came and unfortunately we were all met with rain, which kind of put a damper on some of the plans for the day (although it still was a beautiful wedding!) The typical ceremony location at this venue is up on a hill that has a scenic overlook of the mountains. The ceremony was set to start at 3:00 (I think - it's now been 3 months, which is why in the future I should really try to blog weddings shortly after so I can remember details better lol), and come noon it started pouring. The florist had to start decorating the arbor, so they made the call to hold the ceremony inside one of the barns. Then the rain stopped, and it looked like it was going to blow past and we would be rain free. At this point there was still enough time to switch to having the ceremony back outside so we were all like 'Yaaayyyy'…. but then, it started pouring again. And at this point, the ceremony was definitely going to have to be held inside.

Mandy not only kept a calm and cool attitude, but she didn't let is phase her. She was about to marry the love of her life! Of course though, five minutes before the ceremony started, it stopped raining and the sun was even peeking through the clouds. It was definitely one of the moments where you just have to laugh and go with the flow.

Even though the ceremony had to be held inside, it was decorated with beautiful string lights and of course the beautiful arbor full of the gorgeous florals. Mandy's vows to not only Scott but his two children, Caleb and Brielle, were so sweet and heartwarming. To be honest, I try my hardest to pay attention to what is being said during the ceremony, but I am constantly moving and walking around that sometimes I do miss some of the loving words said. But as every ceremony ends the same, Mandy and Scott kissed, and then walked hand in hand out of the barn and out onto the wet grass, blissfully and madly in love and finally married!

The rain had stopped so we decided to take the family portraits up at the original ceremony site, so that way we could still get the view in some pictures. We also did a little mock ceremony once we were up there, mostly for the videographer but I was also glad to have the chance to shoot at this spot as well. The color of the leaves were starting to peak this weekend, and the dark red bridesmaids dresses looked stunning against them and the dark green grass.

Then eventually it started to rain again, and by the time my job was over, my feet were wet, hair was a mess and I was exhausted, BUT so happy to have been able to witness Mandy and Scott becoming husband and wife. It is always an honor to be such a big part of two people's wedding day. I honestly mean it when I say that it is so fulfilling for me to be able to create images for people to cherish forever. Knowing that the pictures I take for them will be looked back on for years and generations to comes, it gives me goosebumps. I am just so happy to be able to do this for so many amazing couples!

Mandy and Scott, I wish you two nothing short of a lifetime of love and happiness. Mandy, you have been such a friendly, kind, sweet and awesome person to get to know! I am glad we were able to become friends throughout the whole wedding process. You are an amazing woman, a kick ass RN and without a doubt a wonderful wife and step mother to Scott's children. The way Brielle looks up at you is proof that you have one of the biggest and kindest hearts in the world and are so loved in return. Much love to you all <3

Venue: The Inn at Mountain View Farm

Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia *Could not stop taking pictures of her dress, so beautiful!*

Brielle's Dress: Da Vinci

Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Michael Kors

Bride's Ring: Gabriel & Co

Bride's Earrings: Levian

Florals: Emily Herzig

DJ: Premier Entertainment

Videography: Cameron Meunier

Lead Photographer: K & E Photography

Second Photographer: Heather Lytle Photography